November 26
  • Football is a whole skill to itself. A whole world. A whole universe to itself.

    Me love it because you have to be skillful to play it! Freedom! Football is freedom.

    Bob Marley



    The Class of ’92

    THURSDAY, MAY 21 - 7:30PM & SATURDAY, MAY 23 - 4:30PM

    Director:Ben Turner, Gabe Turner


    Country:United Kingdom


    Run time:98 minutes

    Premiere:North Amercian Premiere, non theatrical release

    The Class of ’92 is a cinematic nostalgic documentary feature that tells one of the most amazing sports and cultural stories of our era: the meteoric rise of six friends who played together in the Manchester United youth team and went all the way to winning the European Cup together.

    From their early beginnings under the watchful eye of youth team coach Eric Harrison and the gaffer to end all gaffers: Alex Ferguson. We follow the six friends as they come of age in the pressure cooker that is the world’s most famous football club – from being famously dismissed as ‘kids’ by Alan Hansen, to achieving the unique and historic treble of 1999.

    With interviews from all six players including David Beckham, Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, as well as Eric Cantona, Zinedine Zidane, Danny Boyle, and Tony Blair, the film provides an intimate insight into what it was like to be a 16-year-old Manchester United player, and to live the dream that kids across the country know is unthinkable.

    The film follows 6 players, working class lads who came to define an era; the era of the fledgling Premier League, of footballers as global superstars, of renewed optimism in England and a cultural boom that placed English culture at the centre of the world. Whilst everything changed around them, these 6 superstars remained the best of friends, and kept each other’s feet on the ground as they became global superstars.

    This film tells the most amazing sports and cultural story of our era from the as yet unheard perspective of its heroes. From 1992, the start of “Cool Britannia” and the epoch for a generation, to 1999, when our protagonists reached the summit and the day that each of them look back on as the culmination of everything they had ever dreamed of achieving. It tells the story of an exceptional bond that developed between them in their own words. We grew up with these players and went on this journey with them. Their spellbinding story is our story.


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